The birth of a new Design Agency in Preston City Centre

Welcome to Snug Media – your Creative Partner for Design, Web & Print Solutions in Lancashire

That’s enough of the sales talk for today thank you! It’s time to get to know Snug Media.

Who are we?

We are a small but mighty team of experienced creative and technical professionals based in Preston. Dedicated to providing an honest and quality service to SME, start-ups and established businesses. Now, that might sound like a small sales pitch but that is who we are and what makes us tick at Snug Media. As a team we have worked for both small or family run businesses up to some of the biggest agencies in Lancashire. That said, we focus our business on delivering a balance of passion and personal touch with quality and experience.

What services do we offer?

Our services are grown from our strengths as a team but the creative services we offer through graphic, website and print design are our main focus as a whole. Although, there are a lot of other services that merge as part of that creative package; email marketing and social campaigns and awareness for example. The Snug Media team have all been closely involved in many different projects so we understand how to update and develop multiple businesses types.

Over the years we have been able to build strong and trusted relationships with complimentary individuals and services within the industry. As a result, we have partnered with local printers, PR, content, marketing and signage businesses to ensure we can provide our clients the very best expert services. If you would like to start a conversation please get in touch.

Where can you find us?

Society1 in Preston City Centre is where we call home. It’s a brilliant place and if you haven’t been in yet we would love to show you around. Brendan, Catarina and Chris are so friendly and they have been a great help while we setup on our new adventure. Pop in for a brew and a chat or join us for a regular social event where they host drinks and food before wandering into Preston for more drinks.

Who do we work with?

I’m thinking this should really be a list of company sectors but that just isn’t us. At Snug Media we like to work with individuals just as much as their businesses. Our aim is to built trusted and successful partnerships with both our clients and the companies we use ourselves to deliver the services we do not provide in-house. As a Snug Media client we will get to know your business and how to works. This allows us to pull together ideas and deliverables that focus on your requirements whilst also offering solutions that you may not have already considered.


“If you would like to know more about Snug Media or just want a quick chat over a brew to discuss any ideas you have please do get in touch with us. We might be a new design agency but we have a lot of passion, skill and experience to offer you and your business to benefit from.”

Kieran Taylor-Bradshaw
Managing Director / CEO

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