Snug Media – 1 Month Birthday

It’s our 1 month birthday and what a month it’s been too!

Firstly, thank you to everyone for the huge support and messages that have been sent to myself and the team. It’s been an extremely exciting yet busy time but everything is now setup and we are happily settled. The daunting thoughts of being self employed have faded away and everything is quickly moving in the right direction.

I’m not sure who will read this but i’ll share some influential words that have helped over the years anyway:


Some wise words from past mentors

Now, we’ve all had a few memorable mentors in our careers and have learnt valuable skills from each of them. I didn’t always agree with everything mine said or did so I guess thats why Snug Media was born. That said, those mentors have help mould us with their different ways and we respect them for it.

Here are a few words that have stayed with me over the years. Each one from a different mentor and you may even interpret them differently:


“Be true to yourself  – any actions you take towards others will naturally effect your path in life for good or bad.”

I was told this early on in life from a great man. These are words sometimes missed or unappreciated until you realise the meaning of them. Relating this to how it affects Snug Media I’m sure our teams actions have aided the success so far.


“Understand your clients expectations – then impress them even more.”

These words are sometimes easier said than done, but it shouldn’t stop you from trying non the less. I’ve always followed these words but actually understanding them correctly is something that has come to resinate better with me from a more recent mentor. It always benefits everyone to do more (when possible) for clients.


“Look after those who support your business – they will be your biggest and most loyal ambassadors.”

Wise words and with Snug Media focused on developing long standing and successful partnerships with businesses, mainly in the local Lancashire area, these are words we do focus on. I guess only time will tell if our goals as a business will be achieved. Although we will always keep our clients’ wishes and requirements at the forefront of our business.


“Don’t be afraid to speak honestly or question clients – they are paying you for your skills and services, not their own understanding of your skills and services.”

A bold thing to say from a mentor I didn’t get to spend much time with but learnt a lot from in the short time we had together. When paired with listening to clients’ goals, ideas & requirements and then guiding the project with our skills and understanding the meaningful outcomes are something we pride ourselves on.


Working in Preston and Society1

It’s out first time, as a team, working in a City Centre and with Prestons recent developments in new businesses and buildings the ripples they are causing can be seen coming to life. I can safety say that we will be calling Society1 and Preston City Centre our home for many years to come. If you would like to see what Society1 is all about come in for a brew and a tour.

We’re also keeping an eye out for events in and around Preston and to engage with them between working projects. The 1st and probably most difficult event we will be attending is the City of Preston 10k race in September that I have signed up for. If any clients or readers want to join me please email me at All profits from this event will be donated to communities in Preston.


“Thank you again to all those who have made our first month so welcoming and a positive success. If anyone would like to discuss any upcoming projects or future projects please get in touch to organise a meeting. Saying that, an introduction over a brew or beer is also just as good.”

Kieran Taylor-Bradshaw

Managing Director / CEO at Snug Media

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