Working in partnership with Pro Noctis.

Pro Noctis is an award-winning company providing specialist human performance services that create productive and engaging work environments for your business. Phil is a clever and ambitious guy who loves to build positive relationships with clients and those he meets.

We have not met yet but his passion and friendly character is clear even over email and telephone.

The brief.

Phil came to Snug Media through a client referral, which is great, because it means we are doing our job properly. After a few initial email conversations we organised a phone call to run through what we had proposed to solve all his current website problems and additional requirements.

After impressing another client with our ideas and research we got going on building the new Pro Noctis website to help them develop and grow their business.

Visit the live website below:


Heading/Sub heading.



Body Copy.


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Client testimonial.

“From the outset Snug were great to work with. Chilled but professional, advising but not controlling and that’s what we wanted in our web designer. They helped with a load of other bits too which has helped us create the right foundation for our business to continue to grow.

We will continue to use and recommend them so I think that’s the best kind of testimonial you could get!”