Working in partnership with INTU Evolution.

INTU Evolution is a brand new advanced boiling water tap, tank and filter system that has been developed and created by AET Global Group. Our client Mike Campbell has a great passion for innovation and is always searching for new ways to benefit people’s lives.

This new boiling water tap comes in 5 styles and a range of 8 finishes. The 3-1 and 4-1 taps offer economical and safety benefits for your home and work environments.

The brief.

Mike (a client of Snug Media) wanted to discuss with us his ideas and ambitions to promote and sell products he had developed with partners. The first brand and website to be developed was for INTU Evolution – which was an eCommerce platform website that would educate its viewers on the multiple benefits a hot tap bring to homes across the UK.

After presenting our proposed brand and website visuals we made a few adjustments and started building Mike’s new business. As the project progressed we also created and organised product photography, instruction guides, brochures and marketing for the boiling water tap brand which has since grown rapidly from launching in 2020.

Visit the live website below:


Heading/Sub heading.



Body Copy.

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Client testimonial.

“I asked Snug Media to build me a bold and evolutionary brand and they have done exactly that and more. INTU Evolution provides a range of advanced Boiling Water Taps and Snug Media have created everything for us. All our branding, content, print assets, marketing and our educational e-commerce website have been completed by the team. They also worked closely with our team and local fulfilment company to ensure online orders are taken and processed quickly and easily.

Now we have our INTU Evolution brand and business setup and in action I am looking forward to seeing how creative the Snug Media team get while showing off our evolutionary and technologically advanced products. Together with Snug Media I intend to become a globally recognised brand and i’m exited to see its success grow.”