Working in partnership with Channel Studios.

Channel Studios work with businesses who have thousands of products who need product catalogue creation services. They use digital software to create product catalogues and brochures that can be edited and updated from spreadsheets and databases.

The Channel team are well experienced and provide their services for businesses across multiple industries and sizes.

The brief.

Paul, Donna and Drew came to Snug Media looking to upgrade and improve their current business website that was built in old website builder software. During our meeting it became clear that there was more that could be done with the website and the project grew into a range of cloned websites that were created for main areas of their business.

After approval of the website visuals we built the Channel Studios website and once the new website was approved we cloned the template for 2 other main services with a different colour, content and imagery to keep the sites unique but consistent.

Visit their live website below:


Heading/Sub heading.

Helvetica Neue


Body Copy.

Helvetica Neue

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Channel Studios website designs

Client testimonial.

“We were in need of a new website at Channel Studios, one that would be more relevant to our marketplace. Kieran and his team at Snug Media helped to refine our ideas for what was really needed, for both the website’s creative & technical development. Communication with Snug Media throughout the project was efficient and seamless.

We are delighted with our new family of websites, and also that Snug Media is now looking after the hosting of our websites too.”

Channel Studios printed material