Working in partnership with Brands That’s All.

Brands That’s All is an online store focused on providing customers with a unique network of global designers and leading innovators within the kitchen, bathroom, home and garden industries. Offering a truly international product range, with trendsetting designs at the highest quality from the biggest brands.

Mike is already a Snug Media client and wanted to make people’s shopping lives easier by bringing brands together in just one place online. His innovation and passion to make life easier for people has created a great website that will grow over time.

The brief.

Our client Mike has many years of experience and contacts in the Bathroom, Kitchen and Home industries and he wanted to use these strong connections and relationships to bring big UK brands together online. The brief was simple on paper but technical to organise with each business having access to different marketing assets, data and products.

After liaising with the chosen UK brands to be showcased on the site, we created a new brand identity and built an easy to use ecommerce website using the compiled data sheets and images. The website will continue to evolve and grow as more brands are added to it over the next few years.

Visit the live website below:



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Sub heading.

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Body Copy.

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Client testimonial.

“After the success of our first two projects together it was time to task the Snug Media team a project that 3 other agencies had failed to make work. Online retail is a crowded market with large established businesses with equally large budgets. So we gave Snug Media the brief and let them loose.

What we have now, from the great work Snug Media have done, is the start of something big. A handful of the biggest UK brands in one place. A nicely designed and easy to use retail website that ticks all the boxes we requested.

With the successful site build we have given Snug Media the go ahead to market and promote the website – so watch this space.