International Coworking Day 2019 @ Society1

It’s time to celebrate International Coworking Day this week on Friday 9th August @ Society1!

What better way to celebrate the day with a FREE social event and open day at Society 1 in Preston.

Society1 are welcoming those interested to experience coworking for a day at their beautiful offices. Work in a relaxed space for the day, surrounded by like minded people within the Society1 community. Complete the day with a friendly social, allowing you to speak to other members and network your business.

If you would like to attend, simply register here at FREE Day @ Society1 !

Thinking of coming alone? Not to worry, the Society1 team will be on hand to answer any questions you have about working here, coworking and other businesses in the space.


5 great coworking stats from 2019:

When Ergonomic Trends carried out a review on coworking spaces earlier this year the results were very impressive. Check out the best benefits listed in their findings:

89% feel happier since joining coworking spaces

84% feel more motivated working at a coworking space compared to at home or office

83% feel less lonely since joining a coworking space

82% say it has grown their business networks

69% say they have learnt new skills by visiting

These stats were sourced online from :


“Coworking at Society1 has already benefited our business even after just 1 month! Everyone is really helpful and there is so much to get involved with if you want too.

Myself and the team at Snug Media will be in the office to support Society1. I will also be at the social event from 5pm if anyone has any questions or just wants a friendly chat. Hope to see you on Friday.”

Kieran Taylor-Bradshaw

Managing Director / CEO at Snug Media

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