Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Professionally created brand and Graphic Design that improves your visual credibility

Making a good first impression is as important in business and it is in life. It’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd but ensuring you have the basics covered can go a long way to impress new and existing customers.

Consider these stats:

  • It takes just 10 seconds for someone to form an impression of your brand

  • A ‘signature colour’ for your business boosts brand recognition by 80%

  • Consistent branding increases revenues by up to 23%

Graphic Design plays a huge part in influencing your customers decision making processes. Your brand should therefore speak clearly and directly to your chosen target audience, giving your marketing efforts the best chance of success.

Now, ask yourself:

  • Does my branding reflect my target audience?

  • Is my branding consistent across marketing platforms?

If you answered ‘no’ to any or both of these questions then you need a creative team onboard. A team dedicated to working in partnership with you and your business to make your brand unique and relevant to your audience.

Welcome to Snug Media – your creative partner for website design in Lancashire. Based in Preston City Centre we are small but mighty team of experienced creative professionals. We deliver bespoke brand and Graphic Design for SME businesses, start-ups or large established businesses. As a result we offer guidance and digital services to improve your online presence and lead generation.

We provide Web Design services to create beautifully responsive and functional websites for your business

Why choose us when you have so much choice for Graphic Design companies?

We are dedicated to building trusted partnerships with all our clients. Think of us as an extension of your own team. Delivering positive results and experiences for your business and working closely with you to ensure projects run smoothly and on deadline.

How much do our design services cost?

It’s always the question on everyone’s lips and it’s a question we welcome here at Snug Media because we like to be transparent with our clients. Truthfully, you can find designers for pretty much any price, but you effectively get what you pay for most of the time.

At Snug Media we scope and estimate each project individually, based off a detailed brief taken from an initial brainstorming and introduction meeting. We then present the breakdown to you with the estimated hours and you can decide which sections you would like as part of your brand exercise. This way of working allows us to plan for future artwork while delivering you branding that you are excited about and comfortable paying for.

Our design services are not one size fits all. We help you figure out the best type of style for your business by discussing your goals and targets. What is important is that your branding is unique and well thought out while also focusing on connecting with your target audience. Let’s talk about how we can build an important and influential marketing asset for your company.

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