Evolve and Connect in lockdown

Heading into week 5 of lockdown I can honesty say these have been our toughest weeks in business so far. That said, the amount of support that people and businesses are giving to each other is truly inspirational. A lot of people are coming together to share their skills/time to help those who need it the most. Whether this is through video calls or sharing positive stories online, the support is out there to help you. Platforms like Eventbrite are perfect for finding digital events and our co-working place always shares useful information to help businesses. Follow them on Twitter to keep up to date here – Society1 Twitter.

It’s clear that we are all feeling the effects of lockdown in some way or another. It’s a time to help each other as much as we can do to survive. Show your customers and network groups that you are here for them. Share your skills if they need them and engage with them on social channels. Snug Media as a business is evolving and changing as a business through the lockdown. I know that it is tough but we will come out of this dangerous and upsetting period stronger as a team. Having helped and supported those who need our skills and connections as much as we can do.

Supporting our clients during lockdown

Now, it’s easy to talk about all that but putting it into action is another thing. Snug Media have been supporting their clients and connections throughout the lockdown. Which will continue until things calm down to some sort of normality. That said, I do believe this pandemic will change the way we work and communicate in the future. If any of our clients who haven’t been in touch for extra support and need our help please contact us. We will do our best to help you or direct you to someone who can.

We have been discussing with other businesses in our network, ways to be creative during this pandemic that may support your business. If you are stuck for ideas you can get in touch with me at kieran@snugmedia.co.uk. I would be happy to organise a call with you to see if we can help.

NHS 5K run and donation

As a digital business, we are fortunate to have the ability to work from home. Since the lockdown i’ve been able to get out for a few quiet local walks near my home. Recently I was nominated to run a 5K and donate £5 to the NHS in support of the fantastic work they are doing for people across the UK. In light of this, Snug Media as a team have decided to times my donation by 10 and donated £50 to the NHS as another gesture for all they are doing to save lives.

Let us know if you are doing anything to support key workers or the NHS and we will do our best to engage with your news and spread the word. Tag our Facebook page or email me direct to inform us of what you are doing so we can show our support.

Connecting with local businesses

As we evolve the way we do business and communicate with each other throughout this lockdown it’s time to get connected. Keeping in touch with our customers and business network has never been so important. Video meetings have become a daily occurrence for many businesses who never used to use it at all. Snug Media have been joining business chats and digital sessions when possible and we are happy to share our experiences and knowledge to those who need it.

If you are hosting a business chat or digital session please let us know and we will do our best to join the call and get connected.

New customer case studies

During the past 2 weeks we have been speaking with clients to create a new set of great customer case studies. They are all nearly complete, so watch out for them being published and shared on our social channels over the next few weeks. You can view our current project case studies here which showcase some of the first customers we helped provide a great service too.

I usually finish my blogs with a sentence or quote but I think during this time I would just like to say :

“Stay safe, stay home, protect the NHS and save lives. I look forward to speaking to you soon or in the future – whenever our paths cross or whenever you need our skills to improve your business.

Thank you.”

Kieran Taylor-Bradshaw
Managing Director at Snug Media

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